November 2014

In 2013, I had a review done on my original song, “The Pier at Breezes” by people who visit a big online music and musician showcase site that I am a member of.  While the overwhelming reviews were super positive, there were people who weren’t so positive with their thoughts which is to be expected. Some of it, however, really wasn’t CONSTUCTIVE criticism, but what I would best describe as “picking.”


Please understand that negativity is a bedfellow of life! This is particularly true with the advent of social networking via the internet. One point of the review was to see if your music is “ready for radio play.” I read a few interesting opinions. Some said yes! Others said, “Well, I don’t think your music is quite ready for radio play for this reason or that. I just wanted to SEE what some would say knowing that if that was the person’s opinion that it was NOT ready for radio airplay, that they were a year too late!

That song has been playing on Directtv’s Sonic Tap 851 Smooth Jazz station for more than a year already! Directtv has a national audience of subscribers and it was being play on terrestrial and many internet stations as well! My CD, “Shorebreeze,” which “The Pier at Breezes” is on, made a strong showing in the 2012 prenomination rounds in the smooth jazz (pop instrumental) category at the Grammys that year through the 4th round lol!! This same song was later nominated for and won Jazz Recording of the Year and Recording of the Year with the Indie Music Channel, Hollywood CA in April 2014!

The whole point of this is want to encourage by saying that many of you want to accomplish or do things that have been a part of you personal dreams and desired goals. Understand that you will always have naysayers, discouragement, and people who will have SOME reason you can’t do or accomplish something or there is a problem with what you have done or are doing. Someone will have a reason something you did was not good enough.

What really matters the most is what you believe about yourself and what you are willing to do to accomplish something that is a real possibility!! So I leave you with a part of an old Langston Hughes poem “Dreams” that I hope encourages you which says …. “Hold Fast to Dreams For if dreams die Life is like a broken-winged bird That cannot fly.”

Blessing! Bernard R.