Music and song are two of most compelling phenomena of God’s creation! It is amazing how sound in the form of carefully blended cords and rhythmic patterns can stimulate the mood, attitude, feelings, and emotions of people! 

Music Can Set a Range of Moods in Our Minds from a High Energy level to Solemn or Somber Tone.

Whether it’s secular or liturgical, the power of music and song has the ability to set high energy or solemn somber moods in a person’s heart and spirit! If you have ever been to a wedding celebration, more often than not, the band or DJ is rocking the house with high energy celebratory song and music.

If you go to a funeral, most often, the music is not energetic and exhilarating but usually pretty sad and somber, unless, of course, it’s a New Orleans style funeral!!

Adds Drama to Theater and Movie Presentations

Music can set off dramatic climatic finales in movies and operatic presentations! Whether it’s the energetic power of the compositions for the Star Wars movie series, the lighthearted, “If I were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on the roof, or the sad and haunting sound of “My Heart Will go On from the movie ” Titanic,” music and song cap off the visual aspects of these presentations!

Adds Strength to Romantic Moments

Beautifully written music can set a romantic or sensual sexual tone between lovers! So many beautiful songs have been written that have ignited feelings of romance and passion between people who care deeply for each other! I remember my wife and I had the song, “For You” by Gwen Guthrie played as part of our wedding ceremony because the song was a simple melody that was reflective of ideals of the love devotion that we anticipated having towards each other as husband and wife!

Praises to God

The spirit and energy of a song can encourage praises from people to worship God the Creator! Writers of liturgical music are often inspired to write about God as a result of their experiences, thoughts, feelings, and or beliefs about what he means to them! I was certainly inspired to write the originals that I did because I felt strongly about who God is and the Wonderful things he has done on my behalf and on the behalf of others!

In conclusion, the world would be a dull place without tweeting from birds and the violin playing of crickets in the night! Without the crashing of waves and the rustling of leaves as the wind blows through the trees and other loud or subtle sounds of nature, life would be dull and probably a little hollow.

Without the skillful blending of notes, stanzas, harmonies, and melodies, we would have not music! If there are no words with music we cannot have a song. Without music and songs, the world, I believe, would be a permanent shade of gray!!